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Why are round the corner garage doors so popular?

Posted on April 27, 2019 at 2:26 pm

As people are struggling to find ways through which they can secure their properties, others have already discovered the importance of installing round the corner garage doors. For those who haven’t used these kinds of doors, they keep wondering why they have become so popular. Almost 40% of UK residents use these kinds of doors. In this article, we shall find out why round the corner doors are preferred by many people.

Comes in various materials
When it comes to making a selection for your door, you may be tempted to look for a good material that may resemble the design of your home. Round the corner garage doors have provided these features to people who want to use it. They can be found with steel or timber material. The timber used may vary among the manufactures. The available timber options include Superior Spruce, Norwegian Spruce, European Oak, Iroko, Larch, Douglas Fir and Mahogany.

You can choose the size you want
The good thing with these kinds of doors is that you can always make an orders based on the size that you want. Although the size may be affected by material, installation requirement and manufacture, you will always find what you need. Some doors can go up to 5.6m while others can have 20m*4.7m.

No headroom space required
These doors have proven to be very useful. By the fact they can be opened horizontally, the user will not need to worry about the headroom space. Typically 50mm will be enough for a headroom space. So if you are looking for a sliding door and you lack headroom space, you may consider having these kinds of doors.

Provide room for pedestrians
This is the only door that gives room for both motorist and pedestrian without someone having to open the whole door. They have been so popular because they can be opened electrically which means someone can customize the space allocated to pedestrians and motorist. So with just a push, there will be enough passage room.

Suitable for people that need large openings
There are times when one need wider space to let the heavy trucks pass through. With the ordinary doors, you will have to suffer to make this possible. However, round the corner garage doors have proven to be very effective. Having said that their design varies depending on installation requirements, you will always find a door that accommodates your needs and create enough passage for your materials.

Stylish, practical and secure
There is no other garage door that can ever bit round the corner garage doors. The reason is they provide enough security and ensure your items are kept away from thieves. Apart from these, they provide the best design that you may have always desired. It doesn’t matter the shape of your walls, whether arched, round or flat, they will always fit which make them too practical and stylish.

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