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Main benefits of a trifold wallet compared to a traditional bifold wallet

Posted on August 16, 2021 at 9:59 am

A trifold wallet is a type of wallet where the fold has three parts. It looks like a Z or a symmetrical mountain with a steep incline and a flat top. 

The tradition wallet, also called bi-fold, is much smaller than the trifold wallet. The traditional wallet covers only the lower half of the pocket, making it more convenient to look inside them without having to open the whole wallet.

Trifold wallets are usually made of leather, although there are also trifold wallets made of other materials such as nylon. Trifolds are sturdier than bi-folds since they all have three layers of material woven together. The top is usually kept closed by a flap that is tucked into the bottom part of the wallet with an additional stitching to prevent it from opening. On both sides of this panel there are two slots for credit cards and identification cards, while the middle compartment is reserved for cash bills or receipts.

The traditional bifold wallets unfold horizontally so that both halves can be seen at once, but since trifold wallets have become more popular, bifold wallets are becoming harder to buy.

Another great benefit to a trifold wallet is the added security to its contents. the three part system allows for a section for coins, usually with a zip; a section for cards and an additional section for receipts. Bank notes can be placed horizontally and when shut it provides a very secure place for money and cards.

A traditional bifold wallet, on the other hand, does not have a section for coins so most of the time people will keep them in their pockets or have a operate coin holder. However, with cash not being used a commonly in recent years this appears not to be as big of an issue as it once was. A trifold wallet also has one more pocket than its counterpart, making it harder to pickpocket.

The trifold wallet is also gaining popularity because of its slim design compared to that of a traditional bifold. Some newer models are being designed with slits on both sides that allow it to hold credit cards without actually folding over once opened, which means they can hold more cards at once and still fit into your back pocket.

As you can see there are quite a few benefits to owning a trifold wallet instead of you old standard bifold.

There are some lovely designs out there which make the trifold wallet fashionable for all styles of wear. They fit into most pockets, meaning they can be used on all occasions and no need to switch to a different wallet if you are at a wedding or popping out to the shops.

They come in a variety of materials with the most popular being leather or leather look due to its durability and sturdiness.

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