Posted on December 3, 2012 at 2:03 pm

The Michelin Primacy HP 91V tyres is among Michelin’s top innovations. A Grand Touring Summer tyre that was developed to offer lasting and longer tread life throughout the tyre’s lifespan. This tyre was also developed to offer better braking, handling and control on wet roads. The Michelin Primacy HP 91V is made in line with Michelin’s Green X standard which is meant to reduce rolling resistance and at the same time aid in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
The technology and design innovation used in the production of Primacy HP tyres is known as A.S.M (Architecture Sculpture and Materials). This technology is what Michelin uses to develop tyres that deform easily to enhance tyre-road contact. This innovation helps in the vehicle’s performance and at the same time maximizing on efficiency.
The Michelin Primacy HP 91V tyre engages with the latest generation tread compound. This is molded into an irregular tread design that integrates a solid central rib with notched intermediate ribs and large shoulder blocks to come up responsive high speed handling and stability, traction and even tread wear. Included in the Primacy’s HP 91V construction are double steel belts reinforced by BAZ technology. This enhances drive quality and at the same time provides high speed durability. Although the Michelin Primacy HP 91V tyre is designed to offer good traction, stability and efficiency in both dry and wet conditions, it is not intended for driving in freezing or snowing conditions. Such conditions will diminish the tyre’s ability to optimize performance.
Side wall reinforcements which are also part of the Primacy 91V’s technology use low hysteresis rubber which delivers self-supporting strength even at zero pressure. This helps alleviate the chances of sidewall damage, and at the same time maintaining cool temperatures that enable extended zero pressure driving. A special bead design aids in keeping the tyre firmly secured on conventional rims.
The Primacy HP 91V is a top of the range tyre designed using modern and sophisticated technology that is necessary for increasing vehicle efficiency, performance, stability, traction and reducing fuel consumption. With the incorporation of A.S.M and BAZ technologies, it remains a tyre of the future.
When it comes to shopping and buying your Michelin Primacy HP 91V tyres, there are certain important steps to follow in order to choose the perfect tyres and the right dealer. Not taking these into account may bring about some consequences of which some may be fatal.
A number of Michelin tyre dealers can be found throughout the UK, and for this it is important to take time and get the best dealer for your Primacy HP 91V tyres. Read different reviews about any potential dealers, and find out if their tyres carry a warranty. Also find out if they will mount your tyres as this is something that should be done by professionals. Compare prices and benefits from that particular dealer and once you are satisfied you can purchase them. These tyres don’t come cheap and for this you must buy something worth it!

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