The January Sales – Not Long Away

Posted on November 24, 2014 at 9:34 am

Many people wait and wait for the January sales and you can understand why. So many stores throughout the UK drop their prices significantly, and patience can certainly pay off. Fashion stores tend to have huge sales in January, as new stock comes in, whilst electrical items can also include huge discounts.

There’s no better month to spend any Christmas money you receive, and it could be wise to create a list of items you desire and do a big shop in January when the prices fall. Large items like televisions, furniture, bikes and gym equipment can be found at around half the price in January, but you do have to do your homework on various stores.

Not every shop is going to be dropping their prices, and it does depend on the new stock coming in. January often marks the start of a new season in many stores, and new stock usually means old stock needs to go, and low prices certainly do the trick.

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