Why You Should Buy Michelin Tyres

Posted on March 25, 2013 at 3:13 pm


When it comes to selecting tyres for your vehicle, you might be quite confused because of the variety of brands available in the market. But one brand which assures to provide you with high-quality tyres, and will definitely not let you down is Michelin. Michelin tyres have been a preferred choice for many years. There are many reasons why you may prefer to buy Michelin tyres and some of them are listed below.

All-season performance

Michelin tyres are known for their all-season performance. They provide a quiet as well as comfortable ride. Vibrations are reduced to a great extent with the help of precision manufacturing. This tyre is even long-lasting due to the unique contact patch shape and design. Apart from these features, the tyres are also fuel-efficient. Michelin is one of the most preferred tyres for its all-season value.

Good fuel-efficiency

Michelin tyres are known for their fuel-efficiency, braking features, and latest aesthetics. A vehicle’s engine effort is reduced to a great extent because of these fuel-efficient tyres. These tyres are provided with a tyre warranty. Acceleration, cornering, and braking are distributed evenly and the broad centre-groove design and a silica-based compound are used to provide good grip, which in turn provides great braking features.

Quiet and comfortable ride

Michelin tyres are designed especially for cars. They provide very good comfortability behind the wheel and help in carrying heavy load apart from being durable on rugged roads. Even in wet conditions, these tyres provide a good grip which is an added advantage of these tyres. If you buy these tyres, you are sure to enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride.

Long tread life

Michelin tyres provide a long tread life. The duration for which the tread of the tyre lasts is known as the tread life of the tyre. Many of Michelins tyres boast a three-steel-belt durability. This is an extra belt made of steel in the D and E load ranges that provide amazing strength and durability to handle large loads. The accelerating, cornering, and braking forces of these tyres are evenly distributed.

Other features

Apart from the few features mentioned above, Michelin also provides five categories of tyres from which you can select the tyre of your choice. These 5 categories are:

• Passenger car and Minivan tyres
• Luxury performance touring tyres
• Ultra-high performance sports tyres
• Winter tyres
• Light van tyres

There are a wide variety of tyres you can select from. These tyres come with varying features which depend on the type of vehicle you have. They are known for providing very good balance and comfort.

Michelin tyres are one of the best tyres available today. The tyres manufactured by Michelin meet all your requirements and needs for a smooth and safe drive. So if you are in a dilemma about which tyre to select for your vehicle, wait no longer. Buy Michelin tyres that give the best performance and help you to enjoy a wonderful driving experience.

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