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Christening Clothes – The Options for Baby Boys

Posted on March 18, 2015 at 2:24 pm

Currently, many new parents are perplexed as to how to dress their baby boys for their christenings, baby naming ceremonies and baptisms. Parents want the perfect little outfit for their newborn man child. There are a vast number of choices available for the occasion that include: three piece suits, jumpsuits and gowns. It can be a daunting task for new parents when trying to select the proper color, style and accessories, especially when unsure of what you are looking for.

When choosing a christening gown that is to be worn, the following steps can prove most helpful:

  • Decide on how formal you want to be. Also keep in mind where and when the gown will be worn.
  • Choose the basic style that you prefer (a three piece suite, a traditional length gown, a more modern gown or a jumpsuit).
  • Pick accessories that will tie together the formality and the basic style for a complete look for the occasion.

To help you with deciding what to wear and if you should have two outfits for the special day, the following is a perfect guide. There are parents that wish to have a single piece of christening attire that can be worn for the entire day, where as there are others that prefer to have an additional piece of attire for the reception that follows. Either way, you will be guided towards the choice that is ideal for you and you baby boy on the day of his christening. (more…)

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Factors to Consider – Buying Christening Dresses for Boys

Posted on November 19, 2014 at 4:45 pm

Traditional christening dresses are worn by both boys and girls during their baptism ceremony. These dresses are often designed to be gender neutral so that any child can wear them. However, there are different styles that could look better on boys while other styles look better on girls. The following are some of the factors that parents should consider before they purchase a christening dress for their baby boy.

Design of the dress
There are a lot of designs that are a bit masculine and that would look great on a baby boy. For example, the parent could go for a christening dress that has a masculine collar. It could have two large pleats at the front to give it a double breasted appearance. The christening gown could also have a straight design as opposed to a puffy, princess design. (more…)

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Gold Waistcoat Romper – Affordable Formalwear for Children

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 2:42 pm

If you have a special occasion and would like your little boy to step out in style, you may consider getting him a cute gold waistcoat romper. These usually make the kids look adorable and you can be assured that he will be among the stars on the big day.

These are available in different varieties but they’re affordable too. It cna be relatively easy to find a bargain and your child will look like royalty. All you have to do is browse though the options available whether you are shopping online or from traditional stores to help you make an informed decision on the one that you would like your precious son to put on. This should not be something that is rushed as you do not want to have any regrets on the decision you have made.

Most of the time, these are normally available as a 4 piece set that features a silk waist coat that has rich gold colored embroidered, an ivory silk romper, a satin back and cuffs that blend in well with the waistcoat. The silk is normally gathered to make a full puff leg instead of the normal straight one to give it more oomph and style. You can also get one that has an incredible satin silk caravat which gives it an incredible finishing touch. If you are looking for a more unique look, you can opt to get a sailor hat that matches with the entire outfit.

To avoid making trips to and from the store, you are advised to make sure you get the right size when you are out shopping for the gold waistcoat romper. This should be one that is not too big or too tight on the baby but one that just fits right. If you are shopping from an offline store, it is quite easier as all a person has to do is fit the outfit and walk out with the right one. When getting it from an online store, be sure to specify your size and check out the return policy in case it needs to be sent back.

There are different designers who work on these outfits allowing you to choose the one you prefer. It is however advisable to go for the one who has managed to gather a great reputation for producing great outfits at the end of the day. You can read reviews from people who have worked with the designers before to get a feel of what you are supposed to expect. It also helps to look at how the romper has been made to see if it really fits what you are looking for.

When looking for the gold waistcoat romper, it is important to also get a great deal so that you do not end up being the victim of exploitation. This means that you should compare prices from different stores to get the one that has the most affordable rates. If there are some stores that do not have fixed prices, it would be best to try and negotiate the price so that you can try and save a few coins.

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Choosing Christening Outfits

Posted on October 1, 2013 at 9:00 am

Christening outfits are a great way in which to hold on to the memories of the kid’s early days, and when that time comes to select an outfit, a person may find that he or she is overawed by the sheer amount of choices which are available. After wedding outfits, christening outfits are probably one of the most important attires that a woman will purchase in her life time. That is why it is important to take your time to select a good quality one that will be able to stand the test of time and even be used by the next generation.

Contemporary or Traditional?

Finding a baptism outfit should not be a problem, the problem can be the task of finding one which is right for your baby, as well as fitting into the set budget. That is why a person needs to make sure that he or she does not rush into a decision before buying one. The choice can come down to whether a person needs to choose between personal tastes or whether there is a family tradition. You may want your child to wear the same outfit that you were christened in, or you may want to select from the wide range of contemporary designs.

Fabric and Color

If you are purchasing a brand new gown for your baby then you need to give consideration to the type of fabric the gown is made from. Choose natural fibers that will breathe and which will feel comfortable for the baby to wear. 100% cotton and Linen are the kinds of fabrics that you need to look for as they have been utilised in the making of baptism gowns for generations.

It will come as no surprise that the color white is the most popular choice for a baptism gown, but, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow tradition, and you can select whichever color you think suits your baby best. Pastel shades of pink, blue and yellow are among some of the more popular colors that baptism gowns can be made from, white is usually popular as it is supposed to represent the purity and youthfulness of the baby.


As well as purchasing one, you also need to purchase some accoutrements such as a hat or bonnet, some shoes and a bib to protect the baptism gown. If you are living in a place with a cooler climate then you may also want to purchase a blanket to add to the ensemble.

Christening outfits should not only look attractive, but they should also be comfortable for the child.

It is very thrilling when it comes time to shop for christening outfits, but it is important for you not to get carried away! If you are looking for heirloom baptism gowns then should get a classic design in high quality fabric that will last through the generations.

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How to choose baptism gowns

Posted on June 14, 2013 at 11:18 am

When it comes to choosing baptism gowns, there is a variety that you can select from. You need to make sure that you choose the best quality that is going to last for a very long time. This is going to provide the child with lasting memories to treasure. Take into consideration the factors below when looking for baptism gowns.
The style of baptism gowns is an important choice and it is all about personal taste and tradition. You should decide if you want your child to wear the same gown you wore when you were baptised or you can choose to go with a more modern style. Select a christening gown that your baby is going to look beautiful in it.
Pay close attention to the fabric. Choose all natural fibers that breathe well and is comfortable for the child. Fabrics such as one hundred percent cotton, raw silk and linen are good choice of fabric for baptism gowns. These fabrics have been used for many generations in making baptism gowns.

White is the most common choice for christening gowns but it does not mean that you are simply restricted to that one color. You can choose just about any color depending on what you want it to symbolize for the child. White is the most preferred color for christening gowns as it is a symbol for youth and purity.
When choosing the gown, take into account what the weather is like. If you live in a place that is hot, you should choose one with short sleeves and lighter fabrics such as cotton or silk. In cooler climates, you should choose a sweater. Make sure that you pay close attention to small details. Ensure that all the buttons are sown on well and they match the color of the gown. The lace should also match and be proportionate to the gown.
Your child should be very comfortable on their special day. Make sure that the baby will have sufficient room to move around without being constricted. The material should not cut into their skin when they are moving around. You should check the sizing charts for proper fit. The material needs to be soft against the skin and does not cause itching.

There are very many accessories that are available for your childs christening and it can be easy for one to go overboard.  At minimum, you need to have socks, shoes, bib, slip or hat. Other additions will include bracelet, christening Bible and a baptism towel. Do not forget to buy a muslin preservation bag that will preserve the gown after the ceremony is over. Christening gowns can be fancy or plain, but it is essential that they are made of the finest material and stitching. The gowns should be elaborate and beautiful as well as soft and very comfortable.

With the above information, make sure that you take your time and not rush for the first gown that you come across.  It is going to be a special day for your child and they need to look amazing.

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