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Home Design Trends for 2016

Posted on December 31, 2015 at 11:40 pm

With 2016 almost upon us, some of the newest and stylish home design trends have been announced. Keep your visually updated with these unique ideas.

Botanic Flora

The combination of flora and nature is a strong theme for next year. With botanic garden inspired designs, brining flora and fauna into the living room is a fantastic way to bring this imagery into the home. These vegetative patterns also work well on fabrics and patterns, bringing nature-inspired designs to other surfaces.

Grey Bedrooms

Grey doesn’t have to be just grey. When used in the bedroom it can add a unique at serene tone to the room. With whimsical palm house furniture, combined with the softness and calm of a low tone bedroom, a truly decorative room can be created.

Some other features of this theme make use of chalky vermeer shades bright cobalts, arid tones of the desert, yellow ochre and burnt orange.

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Stylise your home with designer radiators

Posted on November 7, 2013 at 5:11 pm

Designer radiators can really add a touch of class to a home, and today, there are plenty to choose from. There are radiators with brushed chrome, subtly reflecting the light back, while they also come in various colours. A designer radiator in white can really light up a room and its atmosphere.

It’s obvious when you come across designer radiators. They stand out from the rest, and they are actually items of beauty. Unlike traditional common radiators, they can be wall mounted, and positioned vertically or horizontally, depending on your own needs and the style of your home.

The prices for a designer radiator can vary somewhat, but they are often not as expensive as people make out, which could mean more and more people opt for designer radiators in the future. Make sure your home is leading the way in glamorous fashion, and get designer radiators for all of your rooms, or even those you deem the most important.

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Factor to consider when purchasing cheap wood burning stoves

Posted on March 25, 2013 at 10:33 am

Purchasing a wood burner is a chief investment and it isrequired  that you make sure  you have the finest possible estimate before going on board. Before making that step there is need to work out if the estimate you have been given for is suitable for you and will it  be inyour best interest in terms of  investment and value for  your money. The cheapest upfront estimate for a wood burner that you want or are about to purchase may not actually be the best suited one for your home. You need to put in mind a lot of things before you work out what is value for your money.

If you have chosen the most appropriate type of wood burning stoves for  your needs they will provide heating and may offer the option of heating yourwater through the usage of a back boiler. However, another appliance known as a biomass boiler will provide water that is hot and central heating throughout the year. This appliance can also have an inbuilt automatic fuel feeder which adds to the overall price of your appliance. Each type of burner or boiler has a differentcost attached to it.

You have to consider the kind of fuel that you are replacing .You will get optimum results if you replace oil or electricity. People  who already have a gas chief heating system will not see much of a decrease in the cost of energy . Bits work out cheaper, but you may be able to find a local supply of cut wood within the area that you live.

If you think you want the boiler in a house you might consider the option of building a house for it andbuilding the storage place for the fuel. Do not forget to take into account the Payment  of Premiums for heat that is renewable and the incentive that is in charge for the renewable heat. The first one  will pay out a little amount to assist you with installing costs and the second one offers a charge for the energy that will be  produced. You may be allowed one of these and need to know if it will impact on the worth of the system.

Remember to include in the price of any extra methods of proving heat in your home. If you do not use the wood burning stove throughout the year, you will  be required to heat the  water using  other ways. You may also need to add the methods of heating  during the very cold months. There are numerous things to contemplate before simply taking the low cost wood burning stove estimate. If you can pay off your wood burning stove in deposits, income and savings. your income might be the best option however.

Wood burning stoves are only appropriate for the  burning of wood, whereas multi-fuel stoves can be used to burn coal. They come with a grate for the collection of the extra ash generated when burning coal. This makes using wood burning stoves in the heating of a room more eco-friendly. An even greener approach would be substituting the fuel you’ll be taking out of the ecosystem by planting trees or buying fuel from a sustainable source. And if you live in a rural area, you might be able to salvage fallen wood yourself.

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How to choose Wood Burning Stoves

Posted on February 21, 2013 at 10:22 am

Most heating systems in homes operate on natural gas or electricity both of which are very expensive energy sources in cold weather. If you want a cheap heating alternative, wood burning stoves are the best choice. You need to select the right stove as low quality ones are not safe. Following the steps below will ensure that you make the right purchase.

Choose a stove that can stand comfortably on its own in the space that you choose. This will also make sure that the entire space does not look untidy. Size of stoves that are not appropriate can cause damage to the chimney lining and other home furnishings.

There are two types of wood burning stoves which are catalytic and non catalytic. Catalytic uses a combustor and it is easy to clean and maintain. Non catalytic re circulates ash and deposits some of it on the stove therefore making it a requirement to clean the stove on a regular basis.

Take into consideration the kilowatt output of the stove. This is the output of heat the stove gives for any room of any dimension. If you are purchasing the stove so that you can reduce the expense of your primary heating, select one with a lesser output.

Stove efficiency matters a lot too. The efficiency will be determined by the time gap it takes to refuel the stove. If one stove needs to be refueled after thirty minutes and another after an hour, the latter one is more efficient than the former. You can get a complete detail on the time period for refueling from the company.

Wood burning stoves range in price. This will depend on the standards of your demand. A stove using wood as the burning fuel will cost less than multi fuel stoves. The design, size, technology and sophistication will determine the price of the stove. In some cases, installation charges will cost more than the actual cost of the stove.

Stoves being used alongside a centralized heating system cuts down gas and oil bills. In such a situation, the stove will not be too expensive. If you want to replace the central heating system with wood burners then you will be required to pay out a lot more.

If you want to distribute heat evenly throughout the entire house, then you will need a stove with back boiler or those that permit a secondary piping line. Using air ventilation near the ceiling area of wood burning stoves will assist in distribution of heat to other places in the house to some extent.

Since woodburning stoves will become part of your house for a long time, take into account the design. These burners come in different styles from antiques to more sophisticated and elegant styles therefore giving you a wide range of designs to choose from. They can be chosen depending on the architecture and interiors of your home. Using the information above you will be sure to get yourself the right stove to suit your needs.


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Why steel garage doors are ideal for you!

Posted on February 6, 2013 at 4:33 pm

Are you in search of a low maintenance and durable new garage door? Then a steel garage door is ideal and should be of interest to you! This stands to be the best choice of doors as it can withstand rough weather whether rain, snow or  wind. These steel doors are typically made of high grade steel and at times with a weather seal aluminium bottom. This assures of security, durability and ability to keep off the harsh weather elements away from  the garage. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit every need. Here is a look at some of the advantages these steel garage  doors offer your home and yard.

Low maintenance

Steel garage doors do not incur frequent maintenance costs as they require less work to keep them looking nice and clean unlike their wooden counterparts which require frequent painting for them to maintain their neatness.The steel doors also have longer warranties than the normal wooden doors and thus if anything needs repair then it is well covered. The installation costs are less than that of wood, and this may be due to the fact that the supply is high unlike that of wood. They are more available and a quick run with a piece of cloth can bring that shine back.


Steel garage doors can also be insulated with foam at the back of the metal and thus protect against the effects of harsh weather or sound, more so, if you plan to use the garage space for an office, workshop or extra bedroom rather than parking your car only. This also ensures huge savings on heating or cooling expenses incurred in the home.


Steel garage doors can be painted to add some colour and decorum to the house and yard. This also protects them from rust. Having some decorative touches in these steel doors breaks the monotonous plain appearance and gives them a modern look. Furthermore, one can give them a fresh coat of paint that either contrasts or compliments the colours of the house depending on one’s desires.


Due to the advanced manufacturing processes, the steel garage doors have improved and they come in a variety of colours, shapes, and texture. From textures that have embossed raised panels in the wood-grained designs, to a wide range of colours to choose from, one can acquire that elegant wood look as desired.


These steel garage doors are tough and have galvanized hinges that are durable, secure and  reliable. They also have durable rollers that enable the smooth process of lifting the door.
The steel garage doors are practical and are normally a favourite of many home or business owners due to their ability to provide comfort, a form of security, quality, and beautifying the overall look of the premises. However, with all these advantages it would be wise to look into certain features such as maintenance, model, texture, strength and price. Still they do not come without disadvantages as they are not free of dents or scratches and fixing them can be expensive.

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