How to Choose the Best Vintage Kitchen Accessories

Posted on May 17, 2015 at 3:54 pm

Regardless of whether your kitchen is currently decorated in the mod look of the 1960’s or the World War II style of the 1940’s, the best accessories to use are those that directly reflect the specific design era. When adding decorative accents to your vintage kitchen, it is plausible to choose from modern reproductions as well as authentic decorations, linens, and dishes. The best places to find authentic accessories are antique malls, flea markets, eBay and yard sales. There are a great number of online and traditional retailers that currently carry newer versions of the more popular styles of the mid-century. It is imperative to be very cautious during your quest for vintage kitchen accessories, because there can be a level of danger in utilizing some of them in conjunction with current electrical systems. (more…)

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How to Use a 3 Cup Cafetiere

Posted on April 27, 2015 at 2:16 pm

A three cup cafetiere, also called a “French Press,” is a specialized coffee maker designed to produce three “demitasses” at a time of coffee, hence its name. It’s an all-in-one device, containing both the brewing mechanism and the pitcher. A 3 cup cafetiere is a convenient way to brew great coffee at home with a full, rich flavor. Cafetieres tend to produce a fuller-bodied coffee than drip filter coffee makers, since by steeping the grounds directly in the water, they allow more of the flavorful compounds to seep in. This method also extracts more oils from the grounds than drip coffee, providing a smoother, thicker, “buttery” texture. The spectrum of flavors ends up being more robust than that of drip coffee, often leading it to taste better and more interesting than filtered coffee.

Using your 3 Cup Cafetiere

Cafetieres are simple to use, and don’t need to be plugged in. They require you to add coffee grounds and hot water, steep it, and then use the plunger from the top to press the leftover grounds out of the coffee. Here’s a step by step guide to making your first pot of cafetiere coffee: (more…)

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How to Choose the Best Coffee Grinders

Posted on December 18, 2014 at 4:34 pm

You can get coffee powder in the market to make yourself a cup of coffee. However if you use your own grinder to grind fresh beans, you will appreciate your coffee even more. So if you are coffee lover who wants to add a personal touch to your brew, you should buy yourself the perfect coffee grinder.

You need to buy the right device as it determines the taste and quality of your brew. You can choose based on how you want your beans ground; Turkish style, fine, medium or coarse.

It is also necessary that you make sure the beans are ground properly, consistently and equally, based on your chosen brewing method. Over-grinding or under-grinding seeds only makes them too bitter or less flavourful. This is why you need to choose the best from the many coffee mills in the market.  (more…)

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Cappuccino Cups – A Work of Art

Posted on October 21, 2014 at 9:01 am

Cappuccino refers to an Italian coffee that is made with equal parts steamed milk froth, hot milk and espresso that is served in 128-gr. to 212-gr cups. Its presentation is an imperative part of the skill or art of cappuccino preparation and skilled baristas who frequently create arty shapes, Such as leaves or hearts, once they pour milk into the drink. Sipping your crafted cappuccino coffee from a high end cup can help build your coffee intake complete.

You would not put Mona-Lisa in an Ikea-frame cup, so why brew this type of coffee into a paper cups or general, non descript coffee cups?’ Cappuccino and espresso comes in thousand of different incarnation and some may cost a fortune. (more…)

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