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Tips on choosing a log burner for your living room

Posted on July 20, 2018 at 8:55 pm

A large number of people still choose to invest in log burners as a source of heating, not just for the traditional warmth they bring, but due to fluctuations in fuel, oil and electricity costs. Especially in times of crisis, people tend to return to fireplaces, a traditional heating method. As the technology advances, log burners are certified by the EPA, providing cleaner air at home and producing higher efficiency, however, before choosing a log burner there are a number of key points to keep in mind.


Standard sizes are small, medium and large and one manufacturer will likely cover all sizes and heat outputs, such as Yeoman Stoves who offer one of the biggest collections out there on the market today. Small stoves can heat a family room or even a small cottage. Using this model you can heat certain areas of your home and save fuel consumption. On the other hand, medium-sized appliances can keep a small house full of warm or even an average energy-efficient house. Finally, large-scale appliances are capable of heating larger homes with open plans or old houses with lots of air leakage.

While talking to a retailer, do not forget to remember the size of your home, in addition to age and land plan, in order to choose the right size device for you. The specialist will be able to help you calculate the level of heat loss and energy level required to maintain comfortable heat throughout the home. Thus, you may be able to devise the appropriate wood stove size for your purpose.

Consider quality

As with anything, the log burner will eventually wear out. The amount of time they last depend largely on the materials and processes used in their construction. Although a longer lasting stove will be more expensive, it is important to invest in one that will last you many years. Consider how often you will use your stove – the more often you use it, the better quality you will want to purchase. A log burner is a fantastic way to add a functional, interesting centerpiece to your kitchen. But before buying, be sure to do some careful research and planning, to ensure that the one you buy meets your needs perfectly.

Calculate what sort of heat output you’ll need.

The next step is to determine what amount of heat output you will need. This will give you an estimation of the type of products required to sufficiently heat your room. It does not allow for through windows or poor insulation, so it is better to go a little higher than required to prevent the furnace from burning out. There are plenty of online calculators to help you choose a stove that’s right for your room size, so do take advantage of these, or simply chat to your local fireplace retailer, they’re often glad to help. They may push you toward one of their products in the shop but don’t feel too pressured, you need to take your time with this decision, so use them for guidance to begin with.

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Hunting for the cheapest Easter Eggs

Posted on March 17, 2018 at 4:09 pm

Easter egg hunting is a pretty fun activity for kids and adults alike, but it doesn’t begin in parks, gardens or fields. It starts in the supermarkets!

At this time of year, it’s important to start looking at the supermarkets that sell the cheapest Easter eggs. There will always be fluctuations in prices depending on where you buy your Easter eggs, so hunt down the cheapest now and stock up before the prices pick up. If you’re not fazed by big brands like Nestle or Cadburys, why not pop to Aldi or Lidl where you can buy milk chocolate at a third of the price! Or if you already know what eggs you’d like to buy, why not head online to see if there are any deals running right now. At different times in the run-up to Easter, supermarkets will all be running promotions and some of these can be ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘buy three for the price of two’ and so on. Easter egg hunting starts now, especially if you want the lowest prices, so start looking for the best rates today.

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Hot Shopping Deals For June

Posted on June 5, 2017 at 11:08 pm

With fathers day on the horizon, now might just be the best time to pick up a great shopping deal. Here are some recommendations this month.

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB

Get the Samsung Galaxy S6 refurbished and unlocked in either White or Gold for just £159.99 Also available in Black, locked to Vodafone or EE, or in Gold locked to O2 for £149.99.

This offer is available from Music Magpie.

40% Off Main Meals / 25% Student Discount at Prezzo

A voucher for 40% off main meals at Prezzo can be yours if you register with on their website.

This is a unique code which can be used once, and valid for the whole table. Available until Sunday 11th June 2017, excluding Saturdays.

Brain Teaser Puzzle Toy

Gearbest have a special offer on this Brain Teaser Puzzle toy, and it’s just £00.09p! Use the promo code IQCubeUK to get this offer with free UK delivery.

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Hot Shopping Deals For March

Posted on March 19, 2017 at 8:45 pm

There are some great shopping deals available this March, and just in time for mothers day. So don’t get caught out, jump on these deals right away!

Lenovo ZUK Z2 

Available from Banggood for £144, the Lenovo ZUKZ2, it comes with a 5 inch screen, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM hard drive, Snapdragon 820.

USE CODE: “marchsale10” to bring it down to £129.95
Nails inc Magnetic Mania Nail polish collection
10 nails and nail Polishes for £10 plus £3.95 postage, available from Nails inc.
The deal ends at 11.59pm on Tue 21 Mar or when all 2,300 sets are sold, so be quick if you want to nail this offer.
Double Stem Orchid Pot Plant
A perfect mothers day gift, available from B&Q for just £5 in store available while stocks last.
Green & blacks chocolates
Another fantastic mothers day gift, Green & blacks chocolates at £1.10 for 100g. Available from Waitrose. (Also included are pick your own offers and 2 for £3)

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Hot January Shopping Deals

Posted on January 14, 2017 at 4:12 pm

Now it’s the start of 2017 it’s time for those super saving January sales. Be sure to pick up some of the best deals with these top shopping offers.

Self-Extending YoYo Hose was £29.99 now £6.99 

This self-extending and retracting hose comes in thermoplastic elastomer construction it has anti-kink and anti-twist to provide constant water flow at all times, and is supplied with a 7-function multi-jet spray gun, hose connector with stop, quick connector and tap connector.

For exterior use only, includes a 3 years guarantee. Available from Screwfix

Multipurpose Hose, Hose Diameter: 3/8″, Retracts to ½ Length, 7-Function Multi-Jet Spray Gun.

Lenovo ZUK Z Smartphone

Pick up one of the hottest smartphones on the market, the Lenovo ZUK Z is available at a super reduced price from Banggood.

Phone specifications: 2 5.0 inch 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Snapdragon 820 2.15GHz Quad-core 4G Smartphone £136.88.

Use code: zukz2new to get the best price, 6.9℅ top cashback makes the price £127.59


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