Ground and flooring options for your garden

Posted on December 29, 2017 at 4:24 pm

Understanding each of the many ground and flooring options for your garden is pretty important, but the options will, of course, depend on the area you’re looking to cover. There are various factors that you can consider when choosing the best flooring option for your garden, and we’re going to run through some of the general and less typical options.

Concrete: This option is broadly preferred by homeowners because it gives an appealing layout to a given garden, but it’s not the most imaginative by any means. With a concrete area, you’ll need some potted plants or perhaps even some floor paint to create a more desirable finish.

Bamboo flooring: This is a type of wood flooring that is convenient for various shaded areas like beneath awnings. Bamboo flooring can pick up scratches and stains, but it gives high stability. However, considering bamboo flooring is somehow expensive as compared to another flooring, some people, therefore, avoid using this option.

Solid wood flooring: This option gives a timeless coating and makes the place aesthetically pleasing. Wood flooring is the go-to option for decking, and that’s because it’s strong, reliable and easy to clean and maintain. Using wood flooring is not such a current trend, but with a little attention and sustaining, wood flooring can stay for just as long as any other kind of hard wearing floor.

Turf: This is obviously the go-to option for gardens because it’s natural, easy to maintain and super comfy to walk on, whilst it provides the perfect setting for picnics, activities with the kids as well as being a haven for wildlife. There are many grass turf suppliers in the UK, and they often store and deliver rolls in perfect condition so they’re fresh and ready to go!

Laminate flooring: This flooring option is perfect for those who are searching for the same beautiful effect as that of wood flooring but at a somehow lower cost. Laminate can be efficiently purified and is not easily damaged by water stains. Hence, it is ideal to be applied to a flooring element in various places within your area of residence. To add on that, waterproof laminate flooring is easy to connect and is perfectly clean, which is why it is favoured by some people.

Stones or Slabs: Many gardens incorporate slabbed sections which can also be described as patio tiles. These are pretty heavy and not the easiest to install, but they provide an extremely durable and solid solution. If they’re not laid correctly and maintained regularly, then they can shatter, especially during the winter months; however, another option is to have stones or gravelled areas. You don’t get a clean a tidy finish, but it can look pretty if you choose a nice set of coloured stones, and again this is a more comfy surface to walk on.

This is some of the ground and flooring options for your garden you can decide to use; there are also many more options available. While deciding on which option to go for, try to understand some of the advantages of the option and weakness of the option before applying it.

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